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Alternative Fee Arrangements


Daniel Coker’s trial practice covers the gamut of cases involving almost every aspect of civil liability exposure faced by individuals, businesses and governmental entities. These are not just cases. We understand the importance of every matter entrusted to us by our clients. We also understand the uniqueness of every client and the resource and budgetary limitations imposed on every business and institution in an increasingly competitive economic environment.

To accommodate the myriad client needs, and align the client’s interest with ours, we work with each client to develop a fee structure which provides the appropriate level of service consistent with the client’s objectives and constraints. This may be a traditional, or blended, hourly fee agreement--with or without caps, holdbacks, or other modifications. In other situations the most desirable compensation agreement for both parties may be based on flat fees, contingency fees, or some hybrid of these models and other economic considerations appropriate for the specific engagement.