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Construction Law & Litigation


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Daniel Coker’s construction practice is litigation. Over the last 35 years its attorneys have represented essentially every party engaged in commercial construction projects: owners, general contractors, subcontractors, professionals, material suppliers, lenders, sureties and insurers. These cases cover the full range of construction disputes between contract bidding and negotiation and claims for defective work in completed construction projects. Examples of our construction litigation experience include the representation of an owner against a defaulting design builder of a chemical plant; representation of a boiler manufacturer sued by the owner of a petroleum plant; payment disputes in a cost-plus public construction project; defense of construction defect claims against general contractors building hotels, apartment complexes, condominiums and high end nursing home and hospice facilities; and the handling of all bond claims and civil litigation arising from the defaults of a multi-state commercial contractor triggering the sureties performance and payment bond obligations in three states.

We understand the business, the economics and accounting, the specialized contracts, the construction practices and customs, and mostly the significance of these cases to our clients.  The business people involved in commercial construction typically resolve disputes quickly, but in today’s world the best efforts sometimes fail, resulting in serious litigation.  Whether in negotiation or litigation, we have the knowledge and experience to respond quickly and effectively.

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