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Medical Malpractice/Nursing Home



Daniel Coker Horton & Bell defends a variety of medical professionals involved in medical malpractice claims and medical fraud matters, including ambulance and emergency response companies, hospitals and other medical facilities, medical care providers, nursing homes and physicians, individually.

As the largest personal injury defense firm in the state of Mississippi, Daniel Coker lawyers work closely with doctors on medical issues in 90% of their cases.  As a result of these relationships, Daniel Coker lawyers have developed close ties to the medical community.  These attorneys understand the challenges faced by the medical profession, the specialized terminology and the applicable procedures. They also appreciate and understand the importance of the reputations of physicians and other health care professionals. Members of this practice group appreciate that the best results are achieved when the client/insured, claims specialist and defense team work together.  Early and aggressive intervention to resolve claims, coupled with mediation, is often utilized to avoid litigation whenever feasible.  However, when deemed necessary and appropriate, experienced Daniel Coker medical trial attorneys have successfully conducted trials throughout Mississippi courts.

Reported Cases