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Products Liability


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The trial attorneys in the Daniel Coker Horton & Bell product liability practice group have grown up in the evolution of products liability law in Mississippi from the recognition of strict liability through the taming of punitive damages with tort reform. These attorneys have extensive experience representing companies engaged in every phase of product and component product design, manufacture, distribution, and maintenance in almost every industry, including the following:

  • adulterated or contaminated foods and beverages
  • agricultural, construction, forestry, material handling equipment and transportation
  • agricultural and industrial chemicals
  • asbestos, silicosis, tobacco, and welding rods
  • automotive, recreational vehicles, and truck, components and systems
  • construction materials and products defects
  • consumer products of all types 
  • dietary supplements and products
  • electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • elevators and escalators
  • firearms, archery and hunting equipment
  • fire loss claims as a result of allegedly defective products
  • food processing equipment
  • manufacturing and processing plant equipment
  • medical equipment, implants, and devices
  • pharmaceutical products and services

The majority of these cases involve personal injuries allegedly arising from product defects; however, Daniel Coker trial attorneys also have significant experience in business interruption and lost profits claims arising from alleged equipment and product failures in commercial settings.

Reported Cases