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Professional Liability & Services


As late as the 1970s, few clients would have considered suing their accountant, architect, attorney, engineer, insurance agent, investment advisor, real estate broker or other professional service provider.  Unfortunately, society has changed, and there has been rapid growth in claimed ethical violations and lawsuits against professionals.  Daniel Coker Horton & Bell attorneys are sensitive to the concerns of professionals facing potential damage to their reputations and possibly loss of a license in their chosen field.  Daniel Coker lawyers emphasize early intervention and, if possible, early resolution before a public record is created.    Due to the firm’s extensive experience in arbitrating and litigating such claims to the benefit of clients, Daniel Coker is often successful in such early resolution.  Due to the Daniel Coker reputation in professional liability defense, our firm is consistently approved counsel by those companies that provide professional liability and malpractice coverage. 

Reported Cases