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Strategic Analysis


Strategic planning is a collaborative effort between the client and attorney. Daniel Coker Horton & Bell's first step in every new engagement is a thoughtful discussion with the client about their goals and objectives. Each civil action involves specific client objectives which are analyzed within the context of other client needs, resources, constraints, risks, and rewards which have independent and collective impacts on the range of strategic options.

In matters seeking or requiring summary relief, quick action must be taken based on a factual and legal evaluation and an initial strategic plan. In most cases, we perform a thorough early evaluation of the case based on the client’s primary objective(s); the applicable law; the known facts; the characteristics of the available venues; and the quality of opposing counsel. Based on this evaluation we identify open factual and legal issues and revisit the client’s objectives to develop a forward looking strategic plan to obtain necessary evidence, maximize available opportunities to advance the matter consistent with the plan, make appropriate adjustments, and ultimately meet the client’s objectives within budgetary and resource constraints when possible.