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Liability Defense for Insurance Agents & Brokers

A significant portion of Daniel Coker’s practice has always involved representing insurers in direct actions. In these cases, we defend professionals working in all areas of the insurance industry—including insurance agents.

As a result of our considerable experience working with clients in the insurance industry, we are familiar with the process through which individuals, businesses, institutions, and others work with insurance agents to obtain policies, bonds, and other insurance products. We have experience representing insurance agents in a wide variety of disputes, and we are readily approved by insurance companies to defend their agents under their malpractice policies. 

Daniel Coker attorneys provide skilled and strategic defense representation for claims against insurance agents including:

  • Failure to provide suitable advice regarding insurance coverage needs
  • Failure to procure appropriate coverage for the client
  • Failure to notify policyholders of termination of coverage
  • Improper handling of policyholders’ insurance claims
  • Breach of fiduciary duties owed to insurance clients
  • Other allegations of insurance agent negligence and malpractice

Our attorneys leverage the discovery process and rely on their ability to utilize the pre-trial phases of litigation to steer cases toward favorable pre-trial resolutions whenever possible. We have significant experience using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods to secure favorable results for our clients as well; and, when necessary, we have capably represented insurers and their agents at trial and on appeal.

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