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Legal and Operational Solutions for Information Governance

Daniel Coker attorneys regularly counsel clients facing IT-related issues with the potential to result in litigation or otherwise impact ongoing business concerns. With documented experience handling complex discovery disputes involving electronic data, Daniel Coker’s attorneys both plan for solutions and react quickly to issues that may develop during litigation.

Proactive efforts to manage electronic data can drastically decrease a party’s discovery costs, and in some cases, prevent unnecessary liability. Our trial attorneys carefully guide clients through the process of implementing appropriate data storage and security protocols and help our clients avoid the pitfalls of e-discovery.  We assist our clients with proper data retention and retrieval before and during litigation. Further, our trial attorneys rely on their significant litigation experience to ensure we obtain all necessary data from our clients’ adversaries through the discovery process.

Beyond e-discovery, Daniel Coker’s attorneys assist clients with complex data-related matters like conducting due diligence on managed services and cybersecurity vendors and managing cybersecurity breach responses. Daniel Coker attorneys serve as advisors and sounding boards for the firm’s clients, helping them make informed decisions as their business needs expand.

With the constant evolution of technology, companies’ technology-related legal needs are constantly evolving. Daniel Coker attorneys are experienced in advising clients in this area and are well-attuned to the challenges and risks clients face regarding information technology and electronic data management on a daily basis. 

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