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Approved Mississippi Mediators for Out-of-Court Case Resolutions

Daniel Coker attorneys serve as mediators for businesses and individuals and have worked with hundreds of parties to resolve conflicts quickly and amicably with minimal cost and exposure. While we are a team of trial lawyers at heart, Daniel Coker attorneys never lose sight of the main goal: achieving your legal needs in a manner that is both favorable and cost-effective. Sometimes the most cost-effective solution is not litigation, and we’re equipped to make that legal recommendation for our clients when needed. 

There are a number of viable reasons to resolve disputes expeditiously and privately. In the media age, litigation is usually public, affecting families, businesses, and careers. Litigation is often protracted and expensive, with no guaranteed termination date or final outcome. Our experienced mediators understand that mediation and arbitration offer parties a valuable avenue to attempt a discrete and efficient final resolution that avoids these risks. 

Whether ADR is voluntarily agreed upon or mandated by contract or court order, we work side-by-side with our clients to help evaluate options and secure favorable out-of-court resolutions. Daniel Coker’s team of attorneys take the stance that ADR can be advantageous at any stage of the legal process – before, during, or after final judgment. 

Several members of the Daniel Coker team are approved mediators by the Mississippi Bar Association and have decades of experience in alternative dispute resolution methods. Members of our team are trained and certified to act as third-party neutrals and can assist in resolving your specific needs.