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Protecting and Advancing the Interests of Hospitality Businesses in Mississippi

Daniel Coker attorneys have represented hospitality clients including casinos, grocery stores, hotels, nightclubs, resorts, restaurants, and retail stores in liability claims, including liquor liability claims under Mississippi’s Dram Shop Act.  Our trial lawyers have defended hospitality clients in state and federal venues and have provided advice on legal matters about the operation of hospitality businesses in Mississippi. 

Whether facing claims related to dram shop laws, food and beverage service, employment and workers’ compensation issues, premises liability, privacy violations, or any other challenge in the hospitality industry, Daniel Coker attorneys can help you make the right decisions to protect your company.  Mississippi is one of 43 states with a dram shop law on the books. Daniel Coker trial attorneys understand that dram shop liability is a prevalent concern for alcohol-serving establishments and their insurance carriers.  

We work closely with many of our clients, helping them navigate complex issues, avoid unnecessary disputes, and favorably resolve conflicts when they do occur, providing the customized advice and representation you expect from one of the leading defense firms in the South. From dealing with administrative matters to representing our clients in court, we are committed to doing what it takes to protect our clients’ assets and advance their interests.

Daniel Coker attorneys actively participate in regional and national hospitality industry trade associations to stay current on developments, trends, and risks in the hospitality industry. For example, our lawyers are integral members of the ALFA International hospitality practice group, speak at ALFA International seminars, and engage with ALFA International hospitality lawyers and clients throughout the United States.