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March 2022

Attorney Kristi Brown Obtains Ruling in Favor of Restaurant in Slip and Fall Case

Attorney Kristi Rogers Brown obtained summary judgment in favor of a national restaurant chain in a slip and fall case in the Circuit Court of Harrison County, Mississippi. Plaintiff and her family were traveling and decided to stop in Gulfport, MS, for lunch at the defendant’s restaurant. Plaintiff alleged that as she stepped into the restaurant’s entryway, a mat slid forward, causing her to slip and fall and sustain injury. Plaintiff argued that defendant was negligent and responsible to her for damages.

The Court found that there was no evidence of a dangerous condition. The Court further found no evidence that the restaurant was aware of a dangerous condition or that sufficient time had passed to be on notice of any alleged dangerous condition. Thus, the Plaintiff could not proceed under any of the three theories of recovery to prevail in the premises liability action.  The case was subsequently dismissed.