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Representing Industry Professionals in Malpractice and Professional Liability Litigation in Mississippi

Executives and professionals face allegations of malpractice and other forms of professional liability regardless of their background—and these types of claims are becoming more common. Daniel Coker attorneys have been on the forefront of professional liability litigation in Mississippi for decades, and we have watched the legal landscape transform as clients of professionals have become increasingly willing to take legal action.

Of course, just because a client finds a reason to complain does not mean he or she has a claim for professional liability. Oftentimes, clients of professionals simply do not understand the complex technical issues or the practicalities of the circumstances at hand. Yet, rather than relying on their professionals for additional guidance, they immediately assume the worst and engage legal counsel to pursue claims for compensation.

As a result, the increase in professional liability claims in recent years does not necessarily correlate to an increase in professional negligence and malpractice. Daniel Coker’s trial attorneys understand this unique dynamic, and they know that professionals and their insurance carriers will often have clear defenses to liability that warrants an aggressive posture in many professional liability cases. Our attorneys work to proactively to test the veracity of plaintiffs’ claims and position our clients’ cases for dismissal prior to a trial.

Our attorneys represent professionals in licensing and other regulatory matters in Mississippi, and we pursue parallel defense strategies when our clients are facing both potential civil liability and professional discipline.

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