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Construction Design and Malpractice Defense

Architects and engineers face significant reputational, professional, and financial harm in malpractice litigation. Unfortunately, malpractice claims are increasingly common, and architects and engineers may have clients who will not hesitate to seek legal action against them if they have any cause for concern, regardless of its true merit. Of course, as an architect or engineer you know – and as malpractice defense attorneys we know – that there are many reasons why clients may feel that their expectations have not been met. While malpractice is one possibility, there are other explanations that are far more likely and much more common.

Daniel Coker has significant experience representing architects and engineers in malpractice litigation. We have represented professionals and firms insured by leading malpractice carriers, and we are approved counsel with these companies. As a result of our attorneys’ experience litigating architecture and engineering malpractice cases, we are well-versed in the claims and defenses involved, and we have a record of achieving favorable results for our clients.

Consideration is always given to strategies to resolve claims before litigation.  However, we know that litigation will be necessary in some cases; and, when it is, we build and execute comprehensive trial strategies designed to protect our clients to the fullest extent possible.

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