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Protecting the Business and Reputation of Licensed Professionals 

As recently as the 1970s, few clients would have considered suing their accountant, architect, attorney, or other professional service provider. But, societal changes have triggered rapid expansion of professional liability litigation, and we have seen a notable increase in claims in recent years. Daniel Coker’s attorneys recognize that professional liability claims can cause significant damage to professional reputations and potentially put licenses at risk, in addition to presenting the risk of exposure to substantial civil liability.

Daniel Coker trial attorneys emphasize early intervention and, when possible, early resolution. We seek a favorable result before a public record is created. Our attorneys have gained considerable insight from experience in arbitration and litigation, affording early resolutions in many cases. Our success in professional liability arbitration and litigation includes securing favorable results on behalf of

Due to Daniel Coker’s reputation and experience in professional liability defense, we are consistently approved as counsel by professional liability and malpractice insurance companies. Daniel Coker has worked collaboratively with professionals and their insurance companies. When representing licensed professionals, our focus is always on achieving an efficient, favorable, and discrete resolution, and we rely on trial-tested defense strategies to proactively protect our clients.

In addition to representing licensed professionals (and their insurers) in professional liability litigation, Daniel Coker attorneys serve as defense counsel for administrative licensing proceedings. If a professional liability claim has put your license at risk, Daniel Coker attorneys can fight to protect your license and mitigate, if not entirely avoid, any potential civil liability. 

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