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Legal Malpractice Lawyers for Allegations of Misrepresentation, Misconduct and Professional Negligence

Daniel Coker attorneys have litigated virtually every type of legal malpractice claim and represented attorneys across Mississippi in all types of legal practice. Daniel Coker understand the challenges attorneys face in legal malpractice litigation, including threats to your livelihood, reputation, and law license.

Attorneys in all areas of practice frequently find themselves viewed as simply another deep pocket by their unhappy clients. While legal malpractice claims were few and far between at the start of many practicing attorneys’ careers, today they are a reality of practice. Unfortunately, even attorneys who are highly-skilled and who diligently adhere to the rules of professional practice face legal malpractice claims.

With our considerable experience representing our colleagues in the legal profession, Daniel Coker attorneys are well-versed in the claims plaintiffs attempt to assert in legal malpractice litigation. We are equally familiar with the defense strategies that are available to attorneys. Daniel Coker attorneys provide strategic, tailored legal representation focused on protecting clients’ reputations.

Daniel Coker has defended attorneys insured by major legal malpractice insurers, and we are approved counsel with these insurance companies. Insurers and attorneys throughout Mississippi rely on Daniel Coker’s experience in legal malpractice litigation and trust our attorneys to protect their interests.

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