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October 2021

Circuit Court Grants Summary Judgment in Automobile Accident Case

Ed Taylor and Ryne Hand obtained a summary judgment in an automobile accident case in the Circuit Court of Harrison County.

The defendant was traveling on the Biloxi Bay Bridge in a rainstorm when his vehicle spun out of control and struck a nearby guardrail.  He was able to move his vehicle onto the shoulder of the road, completely out of traffic.   Minutes later, traffic behind the defendant stopped because of the rain and possibly, the defendant’s accident.  At that point, several vehicles collided with the plaintiff’s vehicle, which was stopped. Of importance, none of the vehicles involved in the accident were even aware of the defendant’s collision.

Plaintiff filed suit alleging that the defendant’s accident caused the traffic to stop and caused the subsequent accident involving her vehicle.  Circuit Court Judge Lisa Dodson granted the defendant’s motion, holding that the defendant’s actions were not a proximate cause of the plaintiff’s accident and alleged injuries.