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July 2014

In a Case Involving a Rear-End Collision, the Plaintiffs (Two Teenage Girls) Alleged They Suffered “Life Long” Neck, Back, and Shoulder Injuries and Claimed $19,000 and $7,000 In Medical Specials

In a case involving a rear-end collision, the Plaintiffs (two teenage girls) alleged they suffered “life long” neck, back, and shoulder injuries and claimed $19,000 and $7,000 in medical specials.  Both claims settled two years prior to trial for $16,700 each.  During the chancery court settlement approval hearing, the minors claimed they were still having pain from the accident, and the Chancellor refused the settlement.  The case proceeded to trial in the County Court of Harrison County, Second Judicial District, and the Plaintiffs asked the jury for $108,000 and $97,000.  The defense focused on-existing neck and back problems and the fact that there were numerous gaps in treatment.  On the third day of trial, the Harrison County jury returned verdicts of less than $6,800 each.