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December 2020

Workers’ Compensation Claim Dismissed

The claimant filed a Petition to Controvert alleging he suffered a significant injury to his teeth while in the course and scope of his employment. The alleged injury occurred in November 2016. However, the claimant did not present his “medical-only” claim until December 2019. The Employer/Carrier filed a Motion to […]

October 2016

Employer and Carrier found not responsible

Administrative Judge found that Employer and Carrier were not responsible to claimant for alleged facial disfigurement as a result of an impact to the mouth arising out of a work event.  It was determined that claimant failed to present  any credible evidence of any residual dental care issues or visible […]

October 2016

Claimant Not Entitled to Permanent Partial Disability

Administrative Judge found claimant not to be entitled to permanent partial disability arising out of a motor vehicle collision resulting in upper extremity and neck injuries when proof revealed that the claimant left the employer for reasons not associated with the restrictions of residual complaints arising out of the injury […]

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